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Humanity Lies

Sold at news stands
Painted on billboards
Heard on the news until you sleep
0r until you pretend to sleep

Where it all lies, lies the truth
It lies and life is still lived

Lies buried in the untethered
Heavily chained in the material
Their choice to fly freely in spirit
Lies in the havens of the living

When a hand reaches
and another answers
Daring fearlessly,
The un-sanitized hand

All lies before them and yet
Of no effect except in the heart
Racing wildly, hands grasp
Tugging away, grasp more firmly

Those who thirst most, dare most
and claim intrinsically their own
All of it and none for compromise
Not an ounce for sale.


14th December 2021, Geochang
by bushgrad © 2021 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Collection, Midday Walks

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from
Pexels Free to Use

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